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How to Stand Out as a Designer

For whatever reason, designers have a difficult time standing out. It is an industry filled with talented individuals. 

When you first start out as a designer, it is easy to just get swallowed up or blend in. If you truly love design work, you have no doubt dreamed about being one of the best. You have a strong urge to stand out in the crowd.

Let me suggest a few habits that will help you stand out from the crowded space.

Stand Out by Examining the Work of Other Designers

It is important to know what you are up against.

Take time to find designers who have similar motivations as you. Pay attention to the techniques they are using. 

Once you’ve got the basics, figure out where you can begin innovating. Add your own twist and create a signature for yourself. 

Great Designers Stand Out by Experimenting

It should be obvious that you can’t just do what everyone else is doing and also stand out from the crowd. 

Be a leader, not a follower, Nobody cares what everyone else is doing. Start your own trends. You will quickly be remembered for your innovation.

Stand Out by Determining What you Want to be Known For

Focus on the area of design you want to be known for. Maybe you want to be known as the greatest logo designer to ever live? Perhaps you want to be known for great character? 

Take care to be known as Mark, the designer who tells jokes, gets things done on time, is ethical, and creates mind-blowing designs. 

Always Connect With Clients in a Timely Manner and You Will Stand Out

We are all very busy. At the same time, we want our clients to be happy with us at all times. There is one way to be remembered by clients–past and present.

Figure out ways to respond to requests from clients quickly. Your system should work no matter where you are. 

A response doesn’t need to be a detailed thing. It could be as simple as letting the client know you’ve received their message and will get back to them.  This will make your clients very happy. Rather than leaving them hanging, you are setting expectations for a response at a later time.

Come Up With Service Add-ons to Stand Out

Keep in mind that not everything you do for clients should result in a charge to the client. Come up with add-ons that will differentiate you from other designers. Clients will appreciate this and will likely hire you solely for that reason.

Come up with things you can throw in for your clients. You will be adding extra value when you do so. 

Some designers track birthdays and send their clients small gifts. Whatever works for you and adds value is something you should include.

Listen to Your Clients and Stand Out

Don’t fall into the trap of losing clients because you don’t listen. 

Always take client feedback seriously. 

Clients will give you valuable feedback and it is important that you listen and consider what they are saying. You grow by considering feedback and applying tthat feedback. 

Explain Your Work and Stand Out

Clients will not always understand what you’ve done. If they understood everything you do, they wouldn’t need you.

Explain why you used certain colors. Show them how your choices will help their business. Once they understand this, they will be more open to your creative input.

Learn How Business Works to Stand Out

Designers need to understand the business side of things. Surprise your clients with your knowledge of the business. Find a way to explain how design can play a significant role in growing their business.

Promote Your Work to Stand Out

Many designers don’t like promoting their own work. Lose that attitude. 

If nothing else, promoting your work also helps your clients with their marketing plans. Posts your work online and ask for feedback. You may just find new clients in this way. 

Stand Out with Planning

Standing out as a designer is not easy, but planning ahead will assist you in that regard. By planning ahead you will soon see that you are becoming more well-known than other designers.

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