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How Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace is Causing a Transformation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the workplace in a major way. It can handle automated tasks that are extremely mundane. This frees up HE work sees to do more productive tasks.

AI Transforms the Workplace

Read on to find out some ways AI is changing the workplace .

AI Transforms the Hiring Process

I can tell you that filling open positions is time consuming and expensive. Luckily, there are many AI-powered tools to assist with this process.

Textio uses AI to assist recruiters and hiring managers write better job descriptions. It uses old job postings (and similar postings from other companies) to create good wording. The content it creates generates more applications and interest in the position. 

Montage is a tool that allows applicants to schedule interviews with the right individuals. 

Stella and Koru uae AI to match candidates with jobs. They both look at factors from the employer and applicant and make better matches possible.

AI Kills Repetitive Admin Tasks

Administrative staff is continually faced with tasks that they just spend time on, but provide little value.

One example is scheduling a meeting. It can take a very long time to coordinate the schedules of a group. This usually entails a back and forth of emails. The time spent is usually a giant waste. is a personal assistant that can help with the task of scheduling meetings.

There are AU-powered tools that help record, transcribe, and distribute meeting notes. This saves admin staff countless hours.

AI is Transforming Internal Communications

Employee support is a time-consuming job. AI is assisting with this as well. It is even helping communication between employees who speak different languages by performing almost real time translation services. 

AI is Transforming Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service

Chatbot powered by AI can assist in all three areas—marketing, sales, and customer service.

There are specific applications that are used in the real world. Kayak uses a chatbot to schedule vacations. Growthbot will mine data and get marketing answers for you.

AI Improved Onboarding and Training

AI coaching software learns the behavior of employees by watching them work. It then makes suggestions for improvement.

AI can assist with onboarding by guiding the new employee through the process. 

The Future is AI

Automation is slowly transforming business processes. AI-powered automation takes this to a new level. As AI gets better and better, businesses will be more productive. 

AI is the future
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