Why you should get help building your chatbot from a professional chatbot builder

Why You Should Get Help Building Your Chatbot

Do you know a thing or two about building chatbots? If so, is it because you spent the past few years studying AI programming and machine learning while getting your master's degree in computer science? Or did you take some online courses from Coursera and think that qualified you to build a chatbot for your company? I'm guessing the latter. In this blog post, I'll tell you why hiring an expert will save both time and money when building your chatbot. Building chatbots is simple enough that anyone with the time and motivation should be able to do it! So why would you need an expert?

Chatbots Are the Future

Chatbots are the future of customer service, and chatbot builders are the future of business. Chatbots will automate time-consuming tasks like answering questions from customers or scheduling appointments on behalf of salespeople. But chatbots can't be built by just anyone; they require a certain level of expertise that only an expert has. You're not looking for someone who knows how to code in JavaScript but also knows about chatbot design principles (the interface). Instead, you want someone who understands each component needed to create these chatbots – including AI programming and machine learning. These are the things it takes to be an expert on building chatbots.

This article will outline some reasons why hiring an expert makes sense when building your chatbot. As a result, you will experience lower costs, faster development times, a quicker rollout process/fewer bugs & better results. 

Industry experts will tell you the value of hiring an expert for a task like this. In addition, you will find out the best practices for getting started building your chatbot.

You Need to Know How to Build an AI Chatbot

AI chatbots mimic human behavior through a chat interface. So you want the chatbot to sound and behave like a natural person. You will enable it to have conversations with your customers, answer questions they may ask, and perform tasks on their behalf (like ordering products).

There are chatbot builders who specialize in this task. They use data science and natural language processing to create chatbots. These chatbots behave like humans on your website, using chat features like text messages or voice interfaces (like Siri). These chatbot builders have expertise with different platforms, from Facebook Messenger to Google Home. Their expertise enables them to solve strange problems in real-time. In addition, they spend quality time on the project rather than much time doing research.

Why you should get help building your chatbot from a professional chatbot builder

The Expertise Required to Build an AI Chatbot

The chatbot building process will be straightforward but complex at the same time. It will take a chatbot builder, data scientist, and UX designer to execute the chatbot. The skills required surprise most people. They believe this is the type of work that only requires using a third-party tool. They think reading articles will turn them into a bot builder. If this is how you feel, it is time to change your expectations.

A chatbot builder is akin to an architect or carpenter. They understand how all of the pieces fit together (or, in this case, how the chatbot should behave). AI chatbots are their business. Would you please allow them to show you what they can do?

Data scientists are experts in extracting insights from raw data using machine language.

Unless you have expertise in both of these fields, you are going to be struggling to finish your chatbot. The flow alone is something that will boggle your mind. Chatbots are truly fantastic technology designed to enhance customer interactions. Even large brands with in-house programmers need to find a professional bot builder when they embark on this pathway to building the perfect customer service agent.

Why you should get help building your chatbot from a professional chatbot builder

You're Not Going To Be Able To Do It On Your Own

A chatbot is a complicated thing. It requires expertise in many different areas to be successful.

That's why you need an expert.

The chatbot builder will work with the data scientist and UX designer to create your chatbot that can answer questions, take orders, or share information on chatbots themselves! This process won't be the easiest to make. Suppose you want the chatbot to be extremely useful. In that case, you must consider all the possible scenarios that can arise from your use case.

The chatbot builder will be your expert in this area.

You don't need to worry about all the possible scenarios when you can have an expert do it for you! They are trained and qualified to deal with any situation that comes up on chatbots.

Hiring a chatbot builder is worth every penny spent because you save a bunch of time by avoiding trial and error. Common problems a chatbot can cause are not actual problems with the knowledge possessed by the chatbot engineer. The team knowledge is going to improve the customer experience with the chatbot once it goes live. This knowledge will help you by giving you a chatbot that will be able to provide excellent customer service at times a human being cannot be available.

It's Time For You To Get Help Building Your Chatbot

Why you should get help building your chatbot from a professional chatbot builder

This chatbot will be a great asset for your business and will provide you with the competitive edge that you need.

Building chatbots takes years of experience, so it's best if you let an expert do it for you!

That's the entire point of this article. It is a basic tenet of business: do what you are best at and outsource the rest. Therefore, unless you are a high-level computer programmer with much experience with AI, you should not attempt a project like this on your own.

Don't be tempted by tools like ManyChat that promise you can build a chatbot drag and drop. While that will work for the most rudimentary of chatbots, it isn't going to give you the customer service demon you are seeking. Why spend so much time and effort to get a half-assed finished product?

As an example of the problems you could run into while attempting to do this yourself: do you want to collect the customer's phone number? If so, do you need to call it from the chatbot, or is it just something added to your CRM? Your success could depend upon how you handle this seemingly unimportant aspect.

What if you run into Facebook-specific issues? How will you get your questions answered? I mean, Facebook isn't exactly the most helpful for guidance on how to use their tools. To Facebook, chatbot technology is just another reason to keep people on their platform.

A bot builder will know their way around most problems, at least the most common issues. Dealing with problems is the kind of task they do routinely. They work on chatbots for the majority of their time. They understand how to create a decision tree that will drive your bot. They can add whatever you need to the bot itself. That ability on their part will save you a bunch of money on this project.

Now That You Know the Facts…

We've talked about why chatbots are the future and how you need to know how to build an AI chatbot. You may think that it's just as easy as searching on Google, but I have news for you, friend—you can't do this alone! It's time for you to get help building your chatbot by talking with Your Virtual CTO today. Contact us at (855) 219-4573 or email hello@yourvirtualcto.com if we can be of service in any way.

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