Virtual CTO

You know business. Specifically, you know your business.

Do you also know technology? Are you well-versed on all of the latest trends? Can you manage your business and manage the technology that drives your business?

That's where Your Virtual CTO comes in.

What Can a Virtual CTO
Do For You?

A Virtual CTO can do anything a CTO can do at a fraction of the cost.

A Virtual CTO Service Brings Experience and Expertise

A Virtual CTO has the experience and expertise to:

  • Participate in management decisions
  • Communicate technology strategy
  • Oversee research and development
  • Stay updated on the latest technology trends

Why A Virtual CTO is an Effective and Strategic Hire

A Virtual CTO is an extremely effective and strategic hire that can handle a number of different responsibilities including:

  • Evaluate current network infrastructure, including client/staff needs and business goals, to determine what hardware needs to be added or replaced
  • Oversee current technology assets
  • Develop a technology vision for the organization
  • Ensure that technical infrastructure is well-planned and effectively supported
  • Vendor Management
  • Develop policies
  • Implement procedures
  • Identify trends that could impact business
Virtual CTO getting ready for a meeting

If you need help with your technology strategies, hiring a virtual CTO is the answer to those issues. Learn how a CTO on Demand will save you money and improve your technology platform.

“We couldn't afford to hire a full-time CTO, so we utilized Your Virtual CTO's CTO on Demand service and have never been so happy!” — Jennifer Greaves, Timeline Enterprises

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