TTA10: James Pyle

TTA10: James Pyle

Who is James Pyle?

James is a dynamic and energetic serial entrepreneur. He specializes in lean startups, transformational turnarounds, andrapidly scaled exits. James has a tenacious work ethic and a track record of being a self‐motivated top 1% producer and leader in any environment. He's considered uncommon among the uncommon because he’s been able to break through barriers that others cannot surpass ‐ no matter what it takes! James is an accomplished speaker, coach, executive leadership & management professional, startup specialist, business development & sales guru (digital marketing), strategic planner & executor extraordinaire (relationship management). Now James can be found incubating startups, speaking, coaching high-performance entrepreneurs, investing in real estate, and volunteering his time performing service work with community outreach organizations. James holds a BBA in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and HR Management and is an Eric Thomas & Associates Certified Speaker

Summary of the Show

Mike is joined by James Pyle. James discusses how he hit rock bottom and what he had to do to pull himself back up the ladder

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