TTA013-Susan Schultz

TTA013: Susan Schultz

Who is Susan Schultz?

Today’s guest is Susan Schultz. Susan has been coaching, mentoring, and guiding people through the world of Talent Management for over 30 years. she worked her way up from the bottom, cold calling for a recruiting firm. The firm did not think she was ready for recruiting, so She offered to work for the straight commission to prove them wrong. She went on to become the 2nd highest earning recruiter for that agency. She has always had that drive. Now she works with women between the ages of 40‐60 who are longing for that next step in their career where they can live their best life. Women who are challenged with landing a new job, who want a promotion and keep getting passed up, or who aren’t satisfied with what they are doing and want a change. I help them make the change and transform their lives from frustration into one of passion and purpose via non-profits.

Summary of the Show

Today’s guest is an expert on talent management. Susan Schultz has been coaching and mentoring people in talent management for over 30 years. She talks to us all about this process.

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