TTA011-David Fullmer

TTA011: David Fullmer

Who is David Fullmer?

David Fullmer is a leading immigration attorney based on Los Angeles, California. He has practiced immigration law for 25 years and is a partner at the national law firm WR Immigration, rated among the 10 largest immigration practices in the United States. David is the former Chair of the immigration section of the Los Angeles Country Bar Association and was named by “Best Lawyers” as the 2021 Los Angeles “Lawyer of the Year” for immigration law. Most of David's work is dedicated to helping US tech companies hire non-US tech talent. David is expert at guiding US companies and non-US tech talent through the maze of immigration laws so that employer and employee can both accomplish their respective goals.

Summary of the Show

David Fullmer is an immigration attorney based in Los Angeles. He joins us today to discuss immigration laws and how they can affect employees and the companies they work for.

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